Safety Gear Guidelines and EN Standards

Personal protection equipment (PPE) protects the wearer against health and safety hazards. To be able to sell protection gear in the EU the guideline 89/686/EG must be followed. This is de European guideline for PPE products. This guideline contains the demands regarding the working, marketing and technical documentation of obtaining CE certification.

According to the guideline personal protection equipment can be divided into three categories:

Category 1: Simple protection equipment of which the user can judge the protection level.

Category 2: Protection equipment that protect against average risks.

Category 3: Advanced protection equipment that protects the user against life threatening danger or serious remaining injuries that the user can't identify himself soon enough.  

Protection equipment of level 2 and 3 require an approval from a notified body and are adapted to several standards. In order to sell PPE products they must carry a CE label. The CE label means that the product has a type approval and conforms to the demands of guideline 89/686/EG. With this label the protection equipment may be sold in all EU and EES countries.

We differentiate the following EN-norms:



Clothing that protects against heat and flames.

EN ISO 11612

Protective clothing that protects against heat and flames.


Protective clothing for users of chainsaws (part 5: demands for leg protection).


Protective gloves against mechanical risks.

EN 1149-5

Protective clothing with electrostatic properties (part 5: material performance and design demands).


Protective clothing against thermal dangers of electrical arc.


Protective clothing against rain.

EN ISO 11611

Protective clothing for welding and related processes.

EN471 (classes 1, 2 en 3)

Clothing with high visibility (the higher the class, the higher the visibility).


Protective gloves against cold.


Protective clothing against cold.


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